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Alcohol use in the US is on the rise, and the people affected by the addiction disease. It is amazing how the percentage of people reporting risky drinking or even alcohol dependency has risen sharply during the last decade according to numbers released by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism in 2013.
There are many factors that contribute to this alarming increase. Alcohol is nowadays easier to get and there has been a decline in prices. The number of deaths caused by alcohol are more than twice the number caused by opioids. If we add violence, drunk-driving deaths, and alcohol related diseases to these figures, we find ourselves facing a national health concern.

Why is it so difficult to get rid of this addiction?

The first pointing finger should go to peer pressure. It is difficult to assist to a social gathering without being offered any kind of spirited drinks. Restaurants and public venues all seem to dispense alcoholic drinks. It seems to be ubiquitous in our everyday life.
It means that when a person is struggling with the addiction and the need to consume the substance, it has to do so while watching everyone doing it and offering. Trying to keep your mind away from the idea of having a drink becomes impossible.
One other problem addicts face is the disease itself. Their brains have been rewired to crave for the substance and it sends strong desire signals that, when ignored, can get unbearable for many.
The need for professional help becomes imperative. However, the costs of detoxification, rehabilitation and psychological help to get your life back on track seem prohibitive for those who are more vulnerable and have gone too deep into their addiction and personal isolation.
That’s why Elev8 New York is open for those who really need help. Organizations and authorities all over the New York State know that we are dedicated to the betterment of our society.
We provide medically assisted detoxification, inpatient rehabilitation treatments and count on a wide network of professionals willing to lend a hand to those who need a chance to get back on their feet and live a wholesome life.
We offer transportation for all those located in the Five Boroughs, as well as a whole web of temporary residences for those who need a shelter after they have gone through the rehabilitation process.

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