Substance abuse and how to get effective treatment for it

You must have heard that people often abuse substances like alcohol, drugs, tobacco for different complex reasons but it has to be mentioned that the society actually pays a considerable cost for such people who are addicted to certain substances. The cost that people pay for this kind of substance abuse can be seen in the emergency departments, hospitals as this habit is related to physical trauma. Prisons and jails regularly tally the striking connection between crime and substance abuse. It is difficult to find out effective treatment for preventing substance abuse. However, with the latest researches, people can better understand the behavior of such addicts. In fact, the National Institute of Drug Abuse predicted the total number of users of illegitimate drugs in the year 2015 had crossed more than 8 million. It is to be known that abused substances usually alter perception capability, judgment, physical control and attention.

What are the effects of such substance abuse?

Majority of such substances can induce a feeling of withdrawal, which is an effect caused due to the reduction of the substance that is being used. The feeling of withdrawal can range from seizures, mild anxiety and even hallucinations. Overdose of any kind of drugs can always lead to death.


People usually give many different reasons for using tobacco and pleasure is among the biggest reason. The smokers feel relieved from depression and they say that it also curbs hunger. Nicotine is the main substance inside cigarettes which is addictive. There are several other chemicals which cause damage to your health. Health hazards like lung cancer, heart disease, peptic ulcer disease and stroke are all associated with tobacco.


Alcohol reduces you inhibitions, decreases control over muscles, slurs speech and disturbs coordination power. When you withdraw yourself from alcohol, this may lead to irregular heartbeat, anxiety, seizures, tremors and even hallucinations at times. In the most severe form, it can lead to a life-threatening condition like DTs or Delirium Tremens.


This comes from a plant called Cannabis sativa which is an illegal drug in the US. This plant produces THC which is an active ingredient for intoxication. This drug is usually smoked but one can even eat it. The smoke causes irritation to your lungs, contains chemicals which may cause cancer. The usual effects of marijuana are relaxation, pleasure and impairment of memory and coordination.


It is being seen that heroin use keeps increasing and as per the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, around 670,000 Americans were reported to use Heroin in the past year. The biggest increases are seen among users who are aged between 18 and 25.

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Author Bio: Lee Weiss is the CEO of Elev8 Centers, who provides comprehensive treatment for substance abuse in New York, Massachussets and Pennsylvania. Lee is an experienced operator, consultant and investor in the residential and outpatient substance abuse industry.