Addiction treatment services can vary and are dependent on each individual client’s need. Typically, a client would enroll in the following levels of service when entering treatment.

Elev8 will be accepting most insurances and will have a well-organized and efficient admissions procedure, to help you or your loved one expedite their treatment process. Elev8 is currently in the process of developing locations across the Northeast specifically targeting areas impacted by the addiction epidemic.

Detox Services

Elev8’s Detox level of care assist those going through the physical withdrawals of opiate, benzodiazepine or alcohol addiction. Medically supervised withdrawal and stabilization services are appropriate for persons who are intoxicated by alcohol and/or substances, as well as those who are experiencing or who anticipate experiencing withdrawal symptoms caused by alcohol or drugs. Withdrawal symptoms consist of sweats, nausea, headache, chills, overall flu-like symptoms, anxiety, restlessness and in more serious cases can cause seizures, hallucinations and even death. Treatment at this level of care is provided by a team of doctors, nurses, psychiatrist, counselors and support staff 24 hours/7 days a week. The detoxification process consists of providing medications to clients during an acute inpatient treatment stay to ensure clients do not become physically ill during withdrawals. Length of stay in a Detox level of care can vary, but is typically 4-10 days. Elev8’s focus in the detox level of care is to ensure that all patients are medically stable and detoxed from their substance of choice before transitioning to the next level of care.

Inpatient Rehabilitation Services

Elev8’s Inpatient Rehabilitation Services are organized, acute, intensive treatment services provided in an inpatient setting. Individual treatment and medical services are provided to individuals with substance use disorders who are not in need of detox services, but require substance abuse treatment within an inpatient environment. Clients can have mental or physical complications and/or co-occurring disorders which medically justify their need to participate in substance abuse treatment at this level of care. Treatment is provided under the direction of a physician and utilizes a team of medical professionals during a patient’s duration in substance abuse treatment. Activities are structured daily and clients participate in a variety of clinical activities from standard substance abuse treatment groups to recreation. Length of stay in a Rehab level of care can vary but is typically 30 days. Elev8’s goal in treatment at this level of care is to help stabilize our client’s mental well-being, in preparation to enter back into their community, sober.

Residential Treatment Services

Elev8’s Residential Treatment Services is similar to our Rehabilitation Treatment Service, but provides more holistic treatment to clinically address all of our client’s needs. This is able to be achieved in a more efficient manner since typical lengths of stay are 6-9 months. During residential treatment, clients will be assisted in the following life areas: Education, Employment, Family, Sober Socialization, Spirituality, Mental Health, Physical Health and most importantly with regards to their addiction. Client’s enrolled in this level of treatment are able to slowly connect with their community and gain the clinical skill sets needed to embark on a lifetime of recovery.

Outpatient Treatment Services

Elev8’s outpatient services consist of a multi-disciplinary team which includes medical staff, a physician and a variety of clinical staff. Elev8’s Outpatient program provides treatment services to clients who suffer from substance use disorders and their family members and/or significant others. Outpatient services can be provided at different levels of care; this is dependent on the severity of the substance abuse problems presented by the client. The length of stay and the intensity (as measured by frequency and duration of visits) will vary during the course of treatment. Clients are usually engaged in more frequent outpatient treatment visits earlier in the treatment process and this usually declines overtime. The typical enrollment time into our outpatient level of care is 6-9 months. Treatment at the outpatient level is diverse and consist of: group and individual counseling, self-help enrollment, and a variety of ancillary treatment services.

Medication Assisted Treatment

Elev8’s Medication Assisted Treatment will also be incorporated into our rehab, residential and outpatient levels of care. Medication Assisted Treatment consist of combining behavioral therapy and medications to treat substance use disorders. The medications utilized for this can vary but typically are Vivitrol and Suboxone.

Elev8 will provide individuals with a diverse set of programs which directs, supports and enhances the well being of each person’s mind and body. Elev8’s goal is to promote well being from within and with a team of professional physicians, nurses, caretakers, and therapists this goal is attainable. In order to cultivate our curative self-development process, the following programs will be offered: Equine-Assisted Therapy, Meditation and Mindfulness, Health & Nutritional Planning, Life Coaching, Vocational Development Skills Training, Creative Arts Development, and addressing compulsive behaviors through Development Training.