Elev8 Centers is a modern substance abuse organization focusing on the care and treatment of those suffering from the disease of addiction. Elev8's promise is that each client we help will be treated with compassion and provided with the necessary tools to assist them on the road to recovery. We have a team of caring professionals that always put quality care above all else.

Elev8 will be accepting most insurances and will have a well-organized and efficient admissions procedure, to help you or your loved one expedite their treatment process. Elev8 is currently in the process of developing locations across the Northeast specifically targeting areas impacted by the addiction epidemic.

Elev8 will be providing substance abuse treatment for:

Elev8 will provide individuals with a diverse set of programs which directs, supports and enhances the well being of each person’s mind and body. Elev8’s goal is to promote well being from within and with a team of professional physicians, nurses, caretakers, and therapists this goal is attainable. In order to cultivate our curative self-development process, the following programs will be offered: Equine-Assisted Therapy, Meditation and Mindfulness, Health & Nutritional Planning, Life Coaching, Vocational Development Skills Training, Creative Arts Development, and addressing compulsive behaviors through Development Training.